b'Articles ofGRATITUDE WINTER 2019Happy Anniversary! Fostering Relationships 7 nd2On January 3, 1947, the MarshallAT M A R S H A L L Jim and Verna GibsonUniversity Foundation, Inc. was chartered as an independentAs people begin their college journey, they face an odd time of transition. New responsibilities non-profit organization to receive,paired with personal and professional growth make students feel significantly older than their invest, administer and disburseeighteen years. They begin learning to juggle the work/life balance and this adventure usually private resources on behalf ofresults in making a few new friends. Some of these friends are there for the present; they help with Marshall University.conquering goals of obtaining a degree. Other friends are there for life, and while those relationships might not be evident at first, the line of friend and family eventually blurs and life without them is unimaginable. The Marshall family is just that. We are guiding the transition of students to donors throughBoth of us found that Marshall fostered the importance of relationships, which became a strong the creation of relationshipsprinciple of our lives and careers, said Verna Gibson. with eager storytellers. They fervently believe devotion toBoth Verna, and her husband, Jim, agree that Marshall was a natural choice. Graduating from Point lifelong learning yields personalPleasant High School, Verna visited Marshall several times during her senior year, while Jim lived in growth and success, particularlyHuntington. Both studied in Marshall Universitys College of Business and were active in the Greek through higher education. Theycommunity on campus. Jim rushed Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep), Verna rushed Alpha Xi Delta and with that, they built a Marshall family that would still be near to their hearts years later. are those who were afforded transformational opportunitiesMarshall had approximately 3,000 students at that time, so we enjoyed a special closeness with and strive to perpetually enhanceboth our fellow students and professors, recalls Verna.those offered. We are thankful for loyal supporters and visionaries,Ironically, it was not until August of 1961, as Verna began her sophomore year that she and Jim working together to create a futurewould meet. in which Marshall thrives. WeWhile we had both been to many Sig Ep functions the previous year, for some reason we had not are people sharing the product ofmet. My Alpha Xi sisters wanted a ride to hear the Parliaments (a very popular rock band), so I broke dreams and fostering the circle ofa date to take them. Shortly after arriving, we crowded into a large, old wooden booth and across gratitude through each generation. from me sat Jim. We became engrossed in conversation, then danced with no one else, said Verna. By February, we were engaged and the rest is history. 519 John Marshall Drive This year, the couple will celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. Huntington, WV 25703 p 304.696.6264Placing a high value on their education, Jim and Verna worked hard to fund their Marshall journey. www.marshall.edu/foundation Verna worked at the Smart Shop in downtown Huntington, where she says she found her love for the Managing Editor: Kristin Rhodes retail business and Jim worked at the Huntington Bank.Continued on next page >'