519 JOHN MARSHALL DRIVE HUNTINGTON, WV 25703 P 304.696.6264 WWW.MARSHALL.EDU/FOUNDATION MANAGING EDITOR: KRISTIN RHODES GRATITUDE Articles of SUMMER 2018 TUESDAY 11/ 27/18 Watch for more details in the Autumn Edition of Articles of Gratitude. Continued on next page > Never Give Up Every day, each one of us faces obstacles that teach us valuable life lessons and makes us question everything we know. At some moment, we face a major obstacle - sometimes more than one - the kind that shakes you to your core, makes you question nearly everything you know, ultimately changes who you once were and becomes the defining point of a completely different person. Likely, we have each faced one of these defining obstacles and it is how we let them outline our lives that truly defines our character. Growing up in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, Mickey Jackson was excited by the opportunity to go away to college, especially to play football. Recruited by Marshall Coach Charlie Snyder, Mickey was grateful to stay fairly close to home. “I was looking to attend a Division I school that was not too large, so I could showcase my football talents and get a solid education,” he said. “What excited me the most about this opportunity was to be the first in my family to go away to college. I was number eight out of 12 children in my family. I had older sisters who had to commute daily to take classes at local colleges in or near Harpers Ferry. My older brother went into the military.” Mickey faced a life-altering obstacle during his senior year of high school when a truck ran into his parent’s car on their way to work, killing his mother and badly injuring his father. He credits his family, teammates, teachers and coaches for helping him get through that rough period. His football offer came with a scholarship, which is why going to Marshall was possible. “Scholarships meant everything to me. They allowed me to pursue my dream, education, and football career,” Mickey explained.