b'Articles of SPRING 2020GRATITUDEEmbracing ChangeI chose to attend Marshall because of the different environment from my hometown in South Korea. Seoul is a very busy city with a lot of people and traffic, and I wanted to have the experience of living in a quiet city where I could focus on my studies. As an international student, it costs a lot to live abroad and the affordable, out-of-state tuition fees were another reason I chose Marshall, said Boram Kim, a new alumna of Marshall University. Graduating in May with a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and a minor in dance, Boram felt the impact of transition in the Spring 2020 semester when Marshalls classes went from in-person to virtual learning. Prior to the pandemic, she felt her greatest challenge as a college student had been balancing her classes with outside classroom activities, a part-time job and an internship. As an online student, Boram found there was still a learning curve with time management, as she managed her course work and commitments to class during a specific time period. I took this time as an opportunity to get to know myself better, improve other skills and teach myself how to use time more wisely, she said. Boram credits her encouraging professors, especially Amanda Thompson-Abbott, an accounting professor, for their support. She is thankful for success tools Marshall provided, like Blackboard, which allowed fellow classmates and professors to communicate, post assignments and continue to stay connected. I missed seeing my friends and professors on campus. That is what I missed most about classroom learning. I am sad that I had to miss out on the last couple months of my undergraduate career and was unable to have pictures taken with my family and friends at Looking for a funcommencement, said Boram, adding that she is supportive of the decision to protect the global community and is thankful for the health and safety of her family and friends.activity or newI was dealing with homesickness at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic because I have not seen my family for three years. The flights they booked for my graduation ceremony recipe to try?a year ago got cancelled, she explained. I have a cat and have enjoyed being home with him, as he has provided a lot of emotional support. I cannot imagine myself living alone and overcoming my hard times without him.Find our Marshall Coloring Book,She acknowledges her familys emotional and financial support despite the 6,900 mile Marshall Memory Mania anddistance and is thankful for their continued belief in her abilities. As a scholarship recipient, much more at www.marshall.edu/ Boram is also thankful for the support of her Marshall family, as they eased her financial burden.foundation/activities.I remember the day I received an email saying that I received private scholarships. I called my parents right away because I was so excited to tell them my achievements and make them proud. I cannot thank the donors of the William F. Agee Scholarship enough, she said.519 John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25703When on campus, Boram could be found on the second floor of the Memorial Student Center, p 304.696.6264as there were not too many people and she enjoyed studying and eating lunch there. She was www.marshall.edu/foundation a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business honor society; Phi Kappa Phi, a Editor: Kristin Rhodes Continued on next page '