b'the ValleyViewNews for Valley Health EmployeesAugust/September 2020IN THIS ISSUE: National Health Center Week a SuccessInsured, Uninsured,Cathy Davis Retires After 29 YearsUnderinsured? Affordable Care ActCathy Davis has worked at Valley Health for nearly three decades. After a Enrollment Assistance storied and successful 29-year career with us, Davis, the Adolescent Health Coordinator for Cabell, Wayne, Logan, Mingo, Mason and Lincoln counties, retired at the end ofAugust.While Davis career is ending as an Adolescent Health Coordinator, it didnt begin there. For 15 years, Davis was a Womens Health Nurse Practitioner at the Youth Health Center. There she saw adolescents between the ages of 12-25 while focusing on obstetrics (OB), family planning, and the like. During this time, she was recognized by the CDC for helping decrease sexually transmitted diseases in Cabell County as well as by family planning Help us sharefor having increased the number of male exams within their facility. importantWhen asked what drew her to a career with Valley Health, Davis was quick communityto respond. I liked that Valley was there for their patients, said Davis. It updates wasnt just a job but it was reaching out to the community.When speaking about her experiences over the last 29 years, Davis noted During the COVID-19that she stayed involved in this line of public health for the love of the pandemic, our social mediapatients and teenagers. I wanted to be able to help the next generation. I channels have proven toenjoyed being a connector and connecting people with resources.be a critical platform forIn her current position, Davis has continued being a connector and is sharing important, urgentin charge of working behind the scenes to provide technical assistance updates for our patients andand make sure the providers in her six-county radius got the resources our communities. Duringthey needed to help the families in her counties. She is also in charge of this time, we stronglyorganizing events for the community. One such event is Girl Power. Girl encourage all employeesPower is an annual event meant to empower middle school girls so that they to follow and share thesecan make their dreams come true. What makes the event unique is that important updates so thatfemale physicians - both from Valley Health, HIMG, and private practices - we can quickly spread thesit at tables and host table talk. Each table discusses a different topic with word to as many communitythe girls with past tables touching on topics relating to drugs, vaping, poor members as possible. Findrelationships, etc. us on these channels: When asked what she would miss the most about Valley Health, Davis was quick to reference the people. It wasnt just a job, it was having these @ @ @ network individuals as partners and friends and developing a relationship wvvalleyhealth ValleyHealthWV valleyhealthwv with them. I will miss that.'