b'MiltonInsured, Uninsured, AddsUnderinsured? We Can Help!DentalAt Valley Health, we strive to ensure that quality healthcare is readily accessible to everyone and serve patients regardless of their ability to Services pay. One thing that sets us apart from other healthcare organizations in our region is that we are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). As an FQHC, we are able to provide a Sliding Fee Discount Program to patients based on their income.The Sliding Fee Discount Program is designed to offer significant discounts Valley Health Systemsto individuals and families who qualify on the basis of limited income and/is pleased to announceor family size. These are available for all of our health centers and are the addition of dentistryapplicable to all in-scope services. services at our Milton location. Dr. Megan Popp willAnyone is welcome to apply for the Sliding Fee Discount Program including provide all aspects of familythose who already have commercial insurance coverage. Eligibility is based dental services to adults andon family size and income for those at or below 200% of the Federal children 6 months and olderPoverty Level.at the location.To apply, visit https://valleyhealth.org/patient-discounts/ to download an The addition of dentistry inapplication and complete it. You can also request an application from your the Milton location provideslocal health center. Income verification documents are required before you for a comprehensive suite ofsubmit your application. If you have no proof of income, please legibly write healthcare services withinand send a Self Declaration letter that you receive no income and include it the facility. Along with familywith your application.and internal medicine, the location houses behavioralOnce eligibility is reviewed, patients will receive a letter notifying them of health, OB/GYN, pediatrics,approval or denial. If approved, the patient will also receive a sliding fee lab, and Quickcare servicescard via U.S. mail, which will be valid for one year from the date of the for patients and theirapplication. Valley Health will adjust any charges incurred during the three families. months prior to the approval date.We also offer cash discounts to patients by request provided the following guidelines are met:The patient must request a cash discount from their preferred providers office.No other payments can be applied. These include insurance payments, special program payments, or third party payments.No other discounts have been applied to the charges.The patient account is in good standing, meaning it has not been transferred to a collection agency.After the cash discount is offered, payment in full (minus the discount) must be received within thirty (30) business days.Megan K. Popp Exceptions:DDS, Milton OptometryPatients paying in cash for contact and/or glasses will receive an automatic discount.Payment for glasses and/or contacts (minus the discount) must be paid in full before being ordered.DentalPayment for major dental services or appliances (minus the discount) must be paid in full by the insertion date or the date the service is completed'