b'Allison Price, Education, Class of 2021I strongly believe that confidence is one of the mostgoal, Allison said. Because I plan on being a important personality traits that a college student canteacher, I have the opportunity to help younger students have. To me, confidence is the lack of comparison. Itfigure out who they are at an earlier age. Because is focusing on yourself, what you are working on andmy scholarship helped me find my own personal what inspires you to be your own person, said Allisonconfidence, I am more qualified to mentor those who Price, a recipient of the Dallas and Novella Woodrumare still figuring it out.Scholarship. Personally, college was the place that I was able to find my confidence. I was on my own,Some of Allisons favorite things about the Huntington free to make my own decisions for the first time andcampus are that it is accepting and friendly, and that had a fresh start that I could use to build the personit is big enough to feel like its own community, while that I wanted to become.its small class sizes allow her to become familiar with peers. She believes the helpful, friendly people in Without help from alumni, I would not be ableher program make it stand out. She is most looking to attend school. I come from a family with a lowforward to her student teaching, where she will be in a socioeconomic status, so, college was always aclassroom and gain hands-on experience for her future maybe in my life. I can attend school without thestudents. burden of financial stress because of my alumni-sponsored scholarships, she explained. ScholarshipsI have made multiple friendships with the people in mean being able to focus on school rather than havingmy classes and created some great connections with to worry about paying off multiple loans in the future. the professors as well, she explained. Coming to Marshall from Jeffrey, West Virginia, aAllison regularly attends Baptist Christian Ministries town in Boone County, Allison is double-majoring in(BCM) on campus, plays multiple intramural sports general English and secondary English education. Shethe university offers and coaches soccer for the plans to attend graduate school or begin teaching in aYMCA near her home. She credits the confidence her middle school after she graduates in December 2020.scholarships instilled in her as being the reason she Regardless of where her path leads, she intends tocan completely focus on schoolwork and get involved remain in the state. with extracurricular activities. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Huntington and the unique boutiques, I am so excited to get to work beside the futurecoffee shops and bookstores. Her hope for Marshall is generation everyday while teaching. I hope I can helpcontinued growth. students see past comparisons and focus on bettering themselves; she said. Leading by example is the most Marshall donors are past students who have beneficial way to do this, because once someonesucceeded and are now able to inspire others. Seeing starts looking up to you, they focus on your actions. Ifalumni in the next step of their lives helps current you do not have a negative attitude or constantly wishMarshall students realize that even though things may you were a different person in a different place in life,be rough now, it will all be worth it. The journey, then they will begin to mirror this.success and the donors willingness to give are all worth celebrating.Being content with our seasons in life and focusing on personal growth as the new normal is my ultimate'