b'Darby McCloud, Biology, Class of 2021Confidence, to me, is being able to pursue your goalsdifferent people, and believes the people are the best with nothing holding you back or stopping you. It ispart of her program. She acknowledges the friendships going after what you want in life without hesitation. It isshe has made during her undergraduate studies and the not taking baby steps, but taking grand strides towardshomey feeling of the campus as things she will always lifes challenges, said Darby McCloud of Chesapeake,treasure about Marshall University.Ohio.I chose to attend Marshall University because Marshall The recipient of the Fruth Pharmacy Employeeis home. My high school would attend the SCORES Scholarship and the Marshall University Legacy Tuitionacademic competition every year [hosted by the Reduction Scholarship, Darby fervently believes thatuniversity]. I would practice soccer with my travel team scholarships are the reason she is excelling andon the Rec field. My parents had gone to Marshall, my growing personally during her college years.mother graduated from the Lewis College of Business in 1991 and my brother had started his academic career Scholarships have instilled a sense of determination inat the university two years before I was accepted. my character that I didnt have before. I have alwaysWhen I first stepped on the campus, my first day, I knew been goal driven in academics and other extracurricularthat Marshall was where I was supposed to be, Darby activities before college, but scholarships have risenstated. my resolve to a new level. The scholarships gave me the motivation to do well because I felt a sense ofIn addition to her full course load, Darby serves obligation to those who provided the scholarship toas a College of Science senator and works as the succeed and show that their faith was not in vain, saidapprenticeship director for the Student Government Darby. Association (SGA). She is also working on a research project with Dr. Maria Serrat. I would like to thank my scholarship donors from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the gift that they haveThe SGA office is her favorite place on campus because given me so incredibly much, she said. Scholarshipsshe can balance completing her homework and visiting mean that I am able to further my education. Ever sincewith friends there. Her favorite season on campus is fall, I was young, I was taught to save money and get goodparticularly the beginning of the semester, because the grades so that I could afford college. I would worry thatfoliage of the campus is still bright and everyone has I wouldnt be able to afford a secondary education,returned to campus and the excitement and motivation but now, I do have financial assistance throughto learn are contagious. Darbys hope for the university scholarships. is continued growth and trusts that alumni recognize the difference they make through giving back. Majoring in biology with a pre-med emphasis, Darby intends to attend medical school and specialize inAlumni should give back out of appreciation for those cardiology upon her 2021 graduation. She anticipateswho gave to them while they were in college, said increasing her knowledge of genetics, a subject thatDarby, adding that she hopes to instill confidence in has always fascinated her, specifically regardingthe next generation through funding a scholarship of the role they play in medicine. She believes a deepher own. One of the greatest accomplishments I feel understanding of this will truly support her in the future asthat I could do in my future endeavors is to give to the a cardiologist.next generation. My donors have inspired me greatly and have taught me how important it is to give back. I Citing Dr. Kenneth OConnor, an associate professorwouldnt be here without them.of organic chemistry, as one of her favorites, Darby appreciates the encouragement he provides and howMarshall donors have a lot of qualities worth he is always willing to help students who put forth thecelebrating, but I feel that the greatest would be their effort.generosity. Our donors are extremely benevolent to Marshall students.The diversity of the Huntington campus is Darbys favorite thing about Marshall. She enjoys meeting'