Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24B u l l d o g C r e at i v e S e r v i c e s | 8 Huntington Area Development Council 916 Fifth Avenue / Suite 400 Huntington, WV 25701 P: 304.525.1161 / F: 304.525.1163 / [email protected] We fully expect over 100 companies and organizations to invest $3 million in our five year program of work. This major commitment to the Huntington area will be used to implement the long-term regional economic development initiatives outlined in this booklet. MISSION: Aggressively market the Huntington area to attract higher wage jobs that will support our families. Attract New Business Troy Thomas / Plant Manager / Allevard Sogefi USA, Inc. Goals u Identify, target, and recruit businesses according to sectors and clusters for which the Huntington area has a competitive advantage, such as: • Biotechnology/medical • Automotive parts • Metalworking • Transportation u Aggressively market the value proposition of the Huntington area to targeted businesses/industries through the creation and wide distribution of brand identity materials: • Internally – to help create a positive self image for existing business to recruit new employees • Externally – to educate decision makers about the reasons to include Huntington in their location process u Net new high value jobs: • Year 1 – 200 • Year 2 – 300 • Year 3 – 400 • Year 4 – 500 • Year 5 – 600 u Significantly expand HADCO website in 2008 to increase our market reach and provide economic, demographic and business sector analysis u Proactive personal contact • Target market trade shows • Sponsor key events • Host target cluster groups • National/international recruitment trips u Create key resources to implement our strategies beginning in 2008 including: • GIS database • Other state-of-the-art media (i.e. DVDs) Benchmarks issue: memBer: compAnY: Partnerships Pat Thompson Frantz / Publisher The Herald-Dispatch t e s t i m o n i A l “The Herald-Dispatch has worked with HADCO and supported economic development efforts, from the newspaper’s driving role in the “Our Jobs, Our Children, Our Future” community initiative in the 1990s through promotional campaigns and community forums in recent years. We know that strong local news and advertising can provide significant leverage for economic development efforts. As a locally owned business, we look forward to contributing to economic growth in the coming years.” MISSION: Promote the growth of technology-based industries to attract an elevated, skilled workforce. Support the Start-up of Technology-Based Businesses dr. Hongwei d. Yu / Vice President / Progenesis Technologies, LLC Goals u Support and cultivate technology- based entrepreneurial start-ups and spin-offs from Marshall University u Partner with Marshall University’s centers of excellence to attract technology based jobs u In partnership with Marshall University, help develop and operate a bio-tech incubator in 2009 u Create a seed capital fund to support commercialization activities at Marshall University to be in place by 2009, growing to $500,000 by 2012 u Implement public relations campaign to promote the socio-economic value for technical courses and encourage more enrollment in technical fields u Continue and expand our positive working relationship in 2008 with the goal of helping induce new technology business “start-ups” Benchmarks issue: memBer: compAnY: title: Technology-Based Start-Ups Dr. Stephen Kopp Marshall University President t e s t i m o n i A l “An educated workforce is the key to growing and maintaining a thriving economy. Marshall University is committed to providing the educational and training opportunities to help create the 21st century workforce. We are pleased to be an active partner with the Huntington Area Development Council and the business community in meeting the needs of our future economy.” Brent A. Marsteller Chair, HADCO Executive Committee Cabell and Wayne Counties have unlimited potential. As stakeholders, we want to be involved in the future and partner in building a culture of success. The Huntington Area Development Council must provide stimulus for our region’s economic engine by successfully engaging in collaborative, meaningful partnerships. HADCO’s new five-year plan is poised to lead us into the future. We are driven by a strong desire to implement this plan to establish stronger economic growth and a better paid workforce. I am excited about the future and the promise it holds as we take an even more active role in molding our own destiny. I am confident that by working together we can excel far beyond where we have been individually. Finally, I encourage you to participate in the future…a future driven by thought, vision and potential…a future driven by partnership and cooperation. letter from chAirmAn l to r: pat Kurtenbach / Business Development, Investor Relations donna Vineyard / Executive Assistant gerald Mcdonald / President u Announced over 10,000 new jobs in the Huntington area u Companies like Allevard Sogefi USA,, Harbor Steel, Infocision Management Corporation, Caprewest, American Foundation for the Blind, and G C Services expanded in the area as a result of HADCO’s efforts u Constructed five shell buildings that have been leased or sold to manufacturing companies u Leased, built or sold over 2.8 million square feet u Created the Biotech Alliance to market the biotech assets at Marshall University u Completed the development of the Prichard Industrial Park and acquired a 72 acre site on Rt 2 for industrial development u Recognized as the top economic development organization in the South by the Southern Economic Development Council Getting Results professionals focused enefits reflective of u cOMMUNIcATION ON KEY ISSUES • Exclusive invitations to special briefings and presentations featuring political and business leaders addressing topics of regional importance • Access to HADCO senior staff for counsel and/or assistance on business issues important to you u ENHANcEd VISIBIlITY • Opportunity to participate in foreign trade/ recruitment missions • Assistance in accessing foreign markets • Inclusion in high-level networking and social events • Recognition as an investor in HADCO’s marketing materials, website, and public relations efforts u rEcOgNITION FOr YOUr lEVEl OF INVESTMENT • Priority consideration for a seat on the HADCO Executive Committee • HADCO - hosted business forums on topics relevant to each industry • Sponsorship levels highlighted at the HADCO annual meeting AnnuAl investment level CEO COUNCIL $ 25,000 PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $ 10,000 LEADERSHIP FORUM $ 5,000 GROWTH PARTNER $ 3,000 INVESTOR COLLEAGUE $ 1,500 investor Benefits Client: Huntington Area Development Council (HADCO) Project: Brochure excerpts