b'NOSAKHERE T. GRIGGS Continuing kindness means that the situation or circumstance or how you are treated by others are all non-deciding factors in the kindness you show to others, said Nosakhere T. Griggs of Atlanta, Georgia. To me, scholarships are more than financial support. They are a support of higher education which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest contributions that can be made to an individual. I am grateful to my scholarship donor and understand the significance of the investment they have made in me. With that understanding, I will use the assistance to maximize my opportunities and greatly excel.Nosakhere obtained his Bachelor of Science in biomedical sciences with a concentration in pre-pharmacy and a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in kinesiology with a concentration in sports coaching from Auburn University while playing football. Now, he is pursuing his Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business of Administration. Nosakhere will graduate in 2022 and intends to find a competitive hospital residency. Choosing to attend Marshall Universitys School of Pharmacy after they reached out to him, he believes the closeness of students, faculty and staff is what most influenced his decision. I love that Marshall is smaller than my undergrad, specifically the pharmacy school. It allows for a closer bond with other students, as well as faculty, he said. I have enjoyed learning about the clinical aspects and application of pharmacy and how pharmacy practices are progressing. I look forward to continue learning about these areas of study.Stephen J. Kopp Hall is Nosakheres favorite place at Marshall, as it is where he spends most of his time. A member of Marshalls bass fishing team, Nosakhere believes time management has been his greatest challenge as a college student. Finding a balance of time to focus on his studies and time to give to others, as well as to himself, has been critical to his success. During the spring semester, when Marshall University was forced to switch to a virtual learning environment, Nosakhere said additional accountability was required, especially to learn and be tested on professional school material. The School of Pharmacy made an effort to make the transition to virtual learning as seamless and accommodating as possible, but even so, a lot of adjustments had to be made. It was a difficult transition for some, Nosakhere said. Being on campus in the classroom definitely incorporates a certain style of learning,'