b'faculty has helped me adapt to a healthier attitude which will serveinvolved with the Green Bank Observatory in Pocahontas me well in my future career, she explained. County, West Virginia, which is supported by the National Science Foundation and operated by Associated Universities During the spring 2020 semester, the coronavirus pandemic forcedInc. Continuing her work there, Ellies recent project through Marshall to move in-person classes to virtual learning. For scienceMarshall Universitys Independent Study program is analyzing students, that came with losing lab time.and documenting the pointing performance of the Green Bank Telescope, the largest fully-steerable telescope on Earth. She is I most missed attending my Modern Physics lab class wherethe co-founder and co-director of Open Source Radio Telescopes we got to do a number of really interesting experiments and(OSRT), which creates openly available software, curricula, kits tour some of the amazing labs in the Science Building, so Iand plans for small radio telescopes to get students and teachers was disappointed that we did not get to finish that in-person,involved in STEM through the exciting field of radio astronomy. explained Ellie, who felt her overall transition to virtual learning went smoothly. Thanks to the hard work that Marshall put in toSo far, we have distributed four solar-flare antenna kits to schools transferring their classes to an online format on such short notice.in West Virginia with the Green Bank Observatory and with I realize, however, that the transition may have been easier forfunding from the Marshall University College of Education and me than others because I have the privilege of having relativelyProfessional Development Schools program, Ellie said. reliable internet service, as well as constant access to a laptop, which is not the case for all students.Ellie is also the founder and manager of the small business Cats Eye Enterprises LLC, which sells educational products. In Ellie also notes that she has a wonderful support system in herthis business, Ellie makes and sells dolls that resemble famous parents and brother who encourage her when she is down. She isscientists in the gift shops at Green Bank Observatory and the thankful for their love, inspiration, humor and good conversationsVery Large Array radio astronomy facility in New Mexico.and describes herself as lucky to have them. She is the secretary of West Virginia Alliance for STEM and the Right now, I think all students are facing uncertainty about whatArts (WVAllSTAR), a nonprofit organization. Ellie is a member of the coming semester will look like. This is a source of anxiety forthe Society of Physics Students and Student Partnership for the many, she explained.Advancement of Cosmic Exploration (SPACE) Club. She is also an ambassador of the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium Science As one who enjoys learning, Ellie is involved in manyPublic Outreach Team (SPOT). This past March, Ellie was named extracurricular activities. As a high school student, she becamea Goldwater Scholar, a national award that honors Senator Barry'