b'and in regard to the School of Pharmacy specifically, we practicerights leader who was educated and well-spoken. He advocated active learning, a very hands-on and group-based style of learning,for his community regardless of powerful criticism and was heard so not being able to be on campus posed quite a challenge.by thousands. Nosakhere is thankful for the support of his parents, whom heI aspire to also be that influential on communities for their describes as the driving force behind his success. With a thebetterment early in my career, especially on topics I am success of one is the success of the whole outlook, his familyspassionate aboutmorals, human treatment and health care, support truly means a great deal. Nosakhere said. When the coronavirus pandemic began in the spring, NosakhereWith the intention of creating long-term relationships and returned to Georgia, where he fulfilled clinical hours at Floydcompleting his degree and certifications, Nosakhere is hopeful for Medical Center. Gaining valuable knowledge in various aspects ofhis time at Marshall. He is thankful for his faith and motivation, as the pharmacy profession, Nosakhere is thankful for the crediblethat is what he leans on, and those who have supported him. information the School of Pharmacy provided students so that they would be a reliable source for patients with questions as wellMy reaction to my scholarship was a sense of humility and hope, as operating standards.of knowing there are people willing to back my educational goals, he said. I believe the donors of Marshall University all understand With Georgia having an overall higher number of positivethe value of higher education and how scholarship opportunities cases, there were a lot of safety protocols I had to abide by for theallow students to further themselves to greater means.safety of the patient as well as myself. During my time at Floyd Medical Center, I saw the overall number of patients who testedThankful for alumni who show their gratitude by giving back positive and underwent inpatient treatment slowly decrease overto the university that shaped them, Nosakhere is applying their time. I saw constant change in the recommended guidelines forlessons to his own life.treatment and, more importantly, I saw a real effort to stay up-to-date on information regarding the treatment for patients affectedAs a student, and soon to be health care professional, I think it by the pandemic, said Nosakhere. I was fortunate to be able tois important as I move forward in life to always remain mindful play a role in the effort. of the kindness and grace that was bestowed upon me and to continue to give back to others in the same capacity.Nosakhere aspires to be like Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), a controversial and charismatic, young African American civil'