b'has faced several challenges as a first-generation college student,I felt like I had more time to be connected with the people such as fitting in, deciding which path to pursue and how sheimportant to me, and my mental health greatly increased because would pay for her education.I had time to practice self- care techniques. I feel as though Marshall did a great job with the transition to online classes.The smallest slip up or first bad grade could greatly affect how I pay for my education. Neither of my parents are able to contributeWhen on campus, Tabby enjoys spending her time at the to my college experience, and the only reason I even made it toMemorial Student Center because of its history and the college in the first place was because of my high school guidanceactivities that can be found there. She appreciates alumni giving counselors. Now the only reason I am able to pay for college isyounger generations the opportunity to create better futures for solely through scholarships that I work hard to maintain and thethemselves. With the belief that Marshalls donors demonstrate mentors I have met since entering college that look out for mecompassion, Tabby said that it is not about how much a person and help guide me through this experience, said Tabby. donates, but that they want to help others succeed. She is most thankful for the opportunity to change previous circumstances During the spring semester when the novel coronavirus forcedand give herself a life of which she can be proud.Marshall to host classes on a virtual platform, Tabby missed her friends, her favorite professors and the organizations in whichTabby intends to continue showing kindness to others by she participates. She believes virtual learning taught her she isremaining grateful for the opportunities given to her. Although capable of more than she thought because of the limited contactshe recognizes that she will never be able to directly repay donors with professors. Some of her professors did not offer virtualfor their kindness, she can pass on the same kindness to family, meetings and Tabby was impressed with what she learned fromfriends and others, now and later in her life.studying on her own. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue I initially thought that virtual learning would cause a significantmy education without a financial strain. Thank you for believing drop in my grades and mental health because I have alwaysin me when no one else has. Your help has honestly been life considered myself someone who needed to be in a classroom tochanging, and it will continue to be life changing as I work toward learn and socialize; however, I learned very quickly that I couldmy degree and hopefully a successful future. I will never forget adapt and actually excel in a situation that absolutely terrifiedthe opportunity you have granted me.me, said Tabby, who learned to study with friends over FaceTime and be productive.'