b'ELLIE WHITE Goldwater by fostering and encouraging students toto something important, said Ellie. Marshall donors pursue research careers in natural sciences, engineeringprovide students, like me, the means to support our and mathematics. She was also an invited speaker at theeducation without putting a burden on our families or Marshall University TEDx event, Bridges, where she spokeourselves and giving us the opportunity to work towards on the importance of astronomy and mentorship.our dream careers by pursuing an excellent education at Marshall. It is wonderful that donors feel passionately With the goal of becoming a radio astronomer, Ellie saysenough about the students futures to contribute in the she is particularly fascinated by the fields of astrobiologytremendous capacity they have.and SETI. She hopes to gain experience, build connections and learn everything she can at Marshall.Thankful for the alumni who support Marshall, Ellie appreciates them helping Marshall move forward. She In the summer of 2020, Ellie embarked on an amazing,believes she can continue to show kindness to others by virtual summer research internship with Breakthroughbeing an ally for important causes, like racial and gender Listen and the University of California Berkeley SETIequality, participating in outreach events to help students Research Center. In this position, she was tasked withfind their passions and treating others with respect, working on software for the Allen Telescope Array inkindness and gratitude. northern California and operated by the SETI Institute. After applying to the program, Ellie was selected asContinuing kindness, to me, means building a one of the ten participants this year. She was familiarmore equitable and compassionate world for future with the research staff members through research at thegenerations.Green Bank Observatory and through her attendance at a Breakthrough Listen conference in recent years. On her educational journey, Ellie is thankful for the kindness of people she has met along the way from professors to donors. It has been wonderful to have had a chance to learn from my professors and see their passion for ensuring that students have opportunities to thrive and contribute'