b'TABBY COLLINS Continuing kindness means everything to me. As the recipient of the Board of Governors, Honors College and Promise scholarships, they mean the absolute world to me. Without them, I wouldnt be able to continue my education, which would leave me stranded with so much potential, said Tabby Collins of Switzer, West Virginia. When I found out that I would be able to attend Marshall University completely based on scholarships, I cried. All I could think about was how grateful I was that I had the chance to change my entire world and the chance to be something that no one else in my family had the chance to be.The Logan County native is majoring in biology and will graduate in the spring of 2022. Tabby intends to continue her studies at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine to become an emergency room doctor. After visiting Marshalls Huntington campus several times throughout high school, Tabby believed it always felt like home. Recognizing that the students who were involved felt like a family, she made it a goal to join clubs and participate in the universitys biggest traditions. Marshall felt like a fresh start to be myself, grow and discover who I actually am. Now, I am deeply invested in the story and history of Marshall. I am grateful for the opportunities to get involved. This is the aspect that I love the most- being able to be part of something bigger than myself, Tabby said. In addition to learning biology, chemistry and math, Tabby anticipates learning what she is capable of, how she learns from situations and grows into who she is meant to be, despite what others expect from her. Tabby serves as the chair of the Affordable Educational Materials Committee in Marshalls Student Government Association. In this role, she examines resources from different sources and collects the information to discover ways professors can switch to an affordable, quality textbook. Tabby is also involved with John Marshall Emerging Leaders where she serves on the leadership team. This organization helps students find their personal leadership style. Citing her biggest fans as her parents and family, she is also thankful for her Marshall family (her friends and advisors of the clubs she participates in), who cheer on her successes and help her navigate college life.She'