b'IN THE 2019-2020 ACADEMIC YEAR AT MARSHALL UNIVERSITY,Nearly $134,450 was distributed in scholarships and awards for academic assistance.More than $5,344,360 was given for student assistance.Total academic and student assistance for scholarships and awards was more than $5,478,800.More than $4,550,335 was given in academic assistance to support programs.Nearly $73,320 was given in student assistance for program support.Total academic and student assistance for program support was nearly $4,643,655.Other academic assistance was given more than $266,340.Other student support was $34,435.Total additional support for academic and student support was more than $300,775.Total academic assistance was more than $4,971,115.Total student assistance was more than $5,452,115.Overall total assistance was more than $10,423,230.The numbers above are unaudited.'