b'The 2019-2020 academic year was unlike any other. Today, our world is not the same, but thanks to your generosity, continuing kindness ensures students at Marshall University remain focused on their educational journey.Continuing kindness through scholarship support allows Marshall University students to break through stereotypes and overcome the life that socioeconomics suggests they must lead. Students are free to indulge in their studies and establish themselves in careers they love. Continuing kindness builds our community. Through support to programs, facilities and professorships, you are a cheerleader to students, faculty and staff. Your words of encouragement reinforce that their passions are worth pursuing, that research is worth discovering, that the current challenges we face are worth tackling. Continuing kindness is embraced and your generosity is treasured. It is demonstrated in difficult times, in the midst of disappointment and in the best days. Despite heavy hearts, canceled internships, restructured conferences and postponed study abroad opportunities, the weight of your impact is stronger than a herd of bison; it is life-altering and world-changing. Continuing kindness has never been more important than it is now. The Sons and Daughters of Marshall are forever indebted to your gracious spirit and are already looking for ways to follow in your footsteps and continue kindness.'