b'N AT U R EThe chocolate crop was harvested in January 2018. This was the largest harvest we have had to date. The crop from last year was dried, roasted and ground with CONSERVATORY sugar to make bite-sized 70 percent cacao bars. These West Virginia grown chocolate bars were shared with members of the Board of Trustees, volunteers and staff. A workshop took place for the STEAM campers about how to use a microscope in July 2016. The saltwater aquarium was the source for the small specimens. The campers were excited about using an instrument that they do not have at home. The Steelman Butterfly Garden is growing well as the planting was completed in the summer of 2017. The plant labeling was also finished. TheThe raised garden beds in front of Studios 1-3 were monarch butterflies laid their eggsrestored to herb gardens by a hardworking group of on the milkweed plants growing involunteers. There were bushes and rocks to be removed, the garden. Sixty-six butterfliesand compost and cow manure that had to be tilled into the were tagged in 2017.soil. The most tedious task was the painting of the bricks to The garden has been a greatbe used for labels. Most of the 40 new herbs educational resource for tourare perennials. The annual herbs will be groups and casual trail walkers. replanted every May as needed. The Conservatory has been visited by nature lovers from all 50 states, 27 countries, and 5 continents.12'