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Neal CREATIVITY 2017 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. CruseMs. Char R. Garbesi Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Nelson Ms. Gloria Adkins Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Mr. Jarrett D. Gerlach andMr. and Mrs. John Oblinger Ms. Jean A. Adkins Cummings, IIIDr. Jennifer K. Gerlach Dr. and Mrs. John ArthurMr. Andrew Agee Mr. Joseph DanielsMr. David A. Glick Parker, Jr. Ms. Deborah Aiello Ms. Laura DanielsMr. and Mrs. William H. Glick Mr. and Mrs. Tim Parnell Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Allan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DaoustMr. Christian Gray Mr. Robert A. Parsons Ms. Mendy Aluise Mr. Clarence N. DavisMs. Linda M. Gray Paula Vega Cakes Ms. Andrea Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff DavisMs. Susan C. Hage Mr. Chase Pennington Mr. Richard Anderson Mr. Scott A. DavisMs. Barbra Haptonstall Ms. Caroline Anne Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Allen Armel Mr. Jim DedmanMs. Kelli Harrah Mr. David A. Perry AT&T Employee Giving Mr. and Mrs. Bill DeelMr. and Mrs. William E. Harvey Mr. Jody Perry Campaign Ms. Laura DialHedgecocks Studio of Dr. Jeffrey G. 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