b'HighlightsMuseum Making Connections is the overarching term for HMAs education programs. Because MMC has become significant in building a culture of creativity in the community, it seemed appropriate for the program to have its own logo. The logo design is based on a familiar spiral design resting in a rectangle, often referred to as the golden mean, Fibonacci spiral or the divine proportion, and is a growth pattern found in nature. In designing the logo, the Education Department staff adapted the design to express growth in peoples lives, through art making, with colorful, gestural marks, emphasizing creativity and individuality.Museum Making Connections launched a new logo in fiscal year 2017.HMAs Clay Studio was busy this year. We partnered with the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center and offered a workshop for cancer survivors called Discovery Workshop. During this workshop, participants worked with clay to make bowls, cups and platters. The next activity they enjoyed was papermaking. Lastly, they made a book from their handmade sheets of paper.Everyone celebrated their accomplishments with a reception and exhibit of their handiwork.Cancer survivors learned how to make clay during HMAs Discovery Workshop, a partnership with the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center.HMAs Museum & Schools Coordinator Cindy Dearborn, along with Docent Michael Connick attended the National Docent Symposium in Montreal, Canada, October 11-15, 2017. This is a popular and prestigious biennial event that draws several hundred docents and museum staff from across the country and beyond. HMA was selected as one of the presenters at the symposium and shared information about the Turn Up The Heat STEAM program for middle schools. It was well received by an overflow audience.On March 8, 2018, the Artstream Nomadic Gallery, a 1967 renovated Airstream trailer, drove into the HMA parking lot and set up its gallery. The next day HMA hosted a shopping extravaganza, and Southside Sliders and Grindstone Indoor Pop-up Caf were on hand for shoppers to enjoy refreshments. Over the next two days the Artstream moved off the hill and parked at Pullman Square where all were welcome to browse and shop. The Artstream Nomadic Gallery strives to place contemporary studio pottery into the hands and homes of the public and has made stops in more than 300 locations across the country. The visit to the Huntington Museum of Art and Pullman Square gave our community the opportunity to view and purchase pottery from artists from across the country.The Artstream Nomadic Gallery gives patrons a chance to purchase pottery by ceramic artists from around the country. 9'