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OShea Village Collection, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel M. Ms. Patricia Januszkiewicz Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ottaviano John B. Walden, M.D. DeBruinMr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Jaskot Mr. David R. Pardue Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wayne Dr. and Mrs. William B.Mrs. Alberta J. Johe Dr. and Mrs. John ArthurWalker DennisonDr. Dolores M. Johnson Parker, Jr. Ms. Sarah Walling Dr. and Mrs. Leonard J. DeutschMr. and Mrs. Robert B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Tim Parnell Dr. Jamie Warner Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dwight Jones Mr. Robert A. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wellford, III Dibbern, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. David O. Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Patton Mrs. Ann Finley Wheeler Ms. and Mr. Sarah DixonKarickhoff Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Petrany Ms. Benita Whitman Anand and Kejal DoshiMs. Billie Marie Karnes Mrs. Beverly Pofahl Ms. Bethany Wild Dr. and Mrs. Warren L. DumkeDr. Carolyn Karr Ms. Deborah A. Pohlman Mr. Robert W. Williams andDr. and Mrs. Brian DunlapDr. Marjorie Keatley and Mr. John Ms. Kathryn Probst Ms. Esther Wei Ms. Carol DurstNortheimer Mr. and Mrs. Todd Raines Mr. and Mrs. Colin Wills Mr. Robert DurstMr. James Kelley Mrs. Barbara A. Ramsey Ms. Betsy H. Wilson Ms. Wanda F. EdwardsMr. John A. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Justin andMr. and Mrs. Don E. Wiseman Ms. Maryellen EiselsteinMr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Kinsey Phoebe Randolph The Womans Club of Huntington Ms. Wendy EllsworthMr. and Mrs. Chris Kittinger Atty. andMrs. William L. Redd Dr. and Mrs. David R. Mr. and Mrs. Chad FerrellMr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Kontos Dr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Joe FinchamMs. Jill Rene LaFear and Reichenbecher Dr. and Mrs. Wook-Sung Yoo Mr. David C. FinleyMr. David Seth Cyfers Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Yost Mrs. Betty M. FoardMr. James D. Lamp Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Zettle Ms. Jan B. FrameMr. and Mrs. Broh Landsman Romine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ziegenfus Mr. Darrell Freeman and Ms. Martha P. Landsman Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Saleme Ms. Jennifer WilksDr. Margaret A. Lavery Mr. and Mrs. Harold Saunders HANDS ON 2018 Mr. Terence R. FuerstMr. Robert Laviana Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. Scarbro Mr. Timothy Adkins Ms. Sharon FullerMrs. Joan Lerner Dr. Michele Schiavone Mrs. Karen L. Alexander Carole Garrison, Ph.D.Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Lewis Dr. Shawn Schulenberg Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Glenns SportingGoodsDr. Marc A. Lindberg andScott-Sullivan, Inc. Alexander Mr. David A. GlickDr. Cheri Y. Lindberg Ms. Carter T. Seaton and Mr. and Mrs. John A. Aluise Mr. and Mrs. William H. GlickMr. Jeff Madden Mr. C. Richard Cobb Ms. Mendy Aluise Ms. Linda M. GrayMs. Marie Manilla andMr. and Mrs. Skip Seibel Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Mr. and Mrs. David H. GrovesDr. Donald Primerano Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shank, Jr. Anderson Ms. Susan C. HageMr. and Mrs. Ryan Marsteller Mr. Larry Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. HankinsFrancis M. Mason, Ph.D. Mr. Dan Sigler Mr. and Mrs. Edward Aractingi Ms. Kelli HarrahMrs. Jewell R. Matthews Ms. Judith A. Silver Ms. Ina C. Armstrong Heard Green LawnsMr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Arnold Hedgecocks Studio ofMrs. Jessie F. McClain Ms. Mary Lynne Simpson Janet and Jim Bailey Professional PhotographyMrs. Pamela A. McCoy SIP Wine and Whiskey Bar Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Bailey Ms. Cheryl Lynne HendersonMs. Kimberly McGann Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Sisson Mr. Matthew S. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Martin HicksMr. and Mrs. E. E. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Paul Slone Mr. Lindsey C. Baker Ms. Vivian Kost and Mr. Richard K. McLaughlin and Drs. Harlan and Reed Smith Mr. Kevin Blake Mr. Joseph HofferMs. Sidney Polan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith Mrs. Kathleen A. Bonnett Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. HowardDr. Rebecca McNeer and Mr. and Mrs. David Specht Mr. Adam Joseph Booth Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson Mr. R. Gregory McNeer Mrs. Dorothy W. Stacks Ms. Judy Booth Ms. Samantha G. Jackson andMr. and Mrs. Gregory Mencotti Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Stephens Ms. Shirley J. BoydMr. R. Duane SkaggsMr. and Mrs. Greg Michael Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brammer Mr. and Mrs. Byron K. JohnsonMr. Donald L. Mills, Jr. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Ms. Yvonne F. JohnsonDrs. Vinod and Kalpana Miriyala Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strechay Bronosky Mr. and Mrs. T. Carroll JusticeMr. and Mrs. Richard S. Mr. and Mrs. John Strickland Dr. and Mrs. Dallas Brozik Ms. Janet KeatingMobayed Studio 8 Ms. Elizabeth Meek Buffington Mr. and Mrs. Ron KingeryMs. Tess Moore Drs. Scott and Sherry Stultz Ms. Leanna Canup Ms. Lorraine KloverMr. and Mrs. James T. Morgan Mr. Jack Taylor Mr. Gary D. Caudill andDr. and Mrs. Derrick KollingMr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Miss Louise E. Taylor Mr. Richard M. Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. William E.Morse Judge and Mrs. Maurice G.Ms. Leila Cerka andKorstanjeTaylor, Jr. Ms. Penelope Spence Mrs. Evalee L. Kyger25'