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Ratcliff Ms. Connie Breece Ms. Sandra ReedChapman Printing Company Mrs. Arthur Weisberg Mrs. Ronda Bell Buckland and Mr. and Mrs. Adam ReynoldsMrs. Gayle Cox West Virginia Electric Supply Mr. John Buckland Richwood Industries, Inc.Dingess-Rum Properties, Inc. Company Mr. W. G. Bunch Ms. Judy K. RuleEdward Tucker Architects, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Burns S. S. Logan Packing CompanyEdwards Comprehensive Cancer VAN ZANDT CIRCLE 2018 The C. I. Thornburg Company, Ms. Betty P. SargentCenter Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. Agee Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. ScarrGalaxy Distributing ofAppalachian Power Cabell Huntington Drug Court Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. ShieldsWest Virginia Mr. and Mrs. James S. Arnold Cabell-Huntington Convention & Mr. Stacey ShyMrs. J. Churchill Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Bailey Visitors Bureau Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Huntington Federal Savings Bank Mrs. Jane H. Boylin Ms. Liza Caldwell SlaughterMr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Kinsey Brickstreet Insurance Dr. Allan S. Chamberlain andDr. and Mrs. Jean E. SmithMr. Darin Leese Cincinnati Art Galleries, LLC Dr. Shauna Lively Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. SmithMarshall Family Medicine Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cross Dr. and Mrs. Felix H. Cheung Messrs. A. J. Stovitz and SkipMarshall Orthopaedics Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cyrus Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Cooley FlynnThe Marshall University Dimick Foundation Mr. William R. Cornwell Mr. and Mrs. John StumpFoundation, Inc. Mrs. William J. Echols Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Craig Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Van HornMr. and Mrs. David Miller Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ellis Mrs. Laura G. Darby Dr. and Mrs. Michael VegaMoses Automall of Huntington Ms. Kirk Emerson andMr. and Mrs. William D. Mr. Dwayne WallaceDiane C. and Maurice A. Mr. Ron Wright Dargusch Dr. and Mrs. Mathew BenjaminMufson, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dawson WeimerNorthstar Anesthesia Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Forbes Debra Force Fine Art Ms. Jennifer WheelerDr. and Mrs. David L. Patick Mr. Michael A. Fotos andDr. and Mrs. Joseph M.Ms. Patricia R. WolfMr. Lake Polan, III Dr. Jane C. Fotos DeLapa, II Ms. Sue D. WoodsMrs. Marilyn Polan andMr. and Mrs. Kevin Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Kerry P. Dillard Mr. Michael WrightMr. David King Mr. and Mrs. William M. Frazier Mrs. Naomi F. Dillard Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. YonMr. Jason Poling Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCaskeyRadon Medical Imaging Dr. Brett Jarrell Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ferguson APPRENTICE 2018Corporation - WV Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fidler Mr. and Mrs. Robert AndersonDouglas V. Reynolds, Esq. Ms. Debra S. Johnson andThe First State Bank Mr. and Mrs. John S. AndersonMr. and Mrs. R.O. Robertson, Jr. Mr. Barry K. Tourigny Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Gibbs Mr. Robert S. Angel and Dr. and Mrs. Tully S. Roisman Mr. and Mrs. Doug Korstanje Ms. Catherine Girodet Ms. Mary K. ChaneyScott Orthopedic Center, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Don Gross The Appalachian Education St. Joseph Catholic School Mrs. Iris K. Malcom Mrs. Mary B. Hanrahan Fund, Inc.Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC Metropolitan Partners Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holbrook Mr. and Mrs. James D. AshworthMr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Sutphin Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Mr. and Mrs. David Howells Mr. and Mrs. James R. BailesUltimate Health Services, Inc. Morrison, Jr. Huntington Realty Corporation Mrs. Irene BazelMs. Sarah Nassiri and Mr. Farid The Huntington Regional Mr. and Mrs. William R. BeldonDEAN CIRCLE 2018 Mozafari Chamber of Commerce Beverly Hills Garden ClubMrs. Carolyn J. Bagby Ms. Sally B. Oxley Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. BieniekMr. and Mrs. Jonathan Andrew Pilot Club of Huntington Dr. and Mrs. Glen P. Imlay Dr. and Mrs. Arvinder BirBroh Ms. Lois Anne Polan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jacobson Mr. Danny W. BoothMr. and Mrs. William C.Ms. Patricia Proctor and Mr. Jeff Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. R. Greg BoothBrown, Jr. Mr. Clark Ackison Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Kahl Mr. John Scarff and Mrs. Shelia D. Brownfield Mrs. Jean E. Ripley Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kogan Ms. Andrea BourdelaisCamden Park Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Sheets Mr. Brett A. Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. Jack BourdelaisMs. Barbara Moses Cook Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey S. Sheils Landscaping by Hillcrest Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. BowenMr. and Mrs. Michael Cornfeld Somerville & Company, P.L.L.C. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lemke Mr. and Mrs. John P. Boylin, IIIDrs. William and Sarah Denman SWVA, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Philip B. Lepanto Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. BrooksMs. Phyllis Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Tucker Ms. Debra Martin Mr. and Mrs. Steve BrownMr. and Mrs. Oliver H.USI Insurance Services, LLC McDonald Land Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. G. David BrumfieldFearing, Jr. Mr. David M. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Ben McGinnis Mrs. Nell BrumfieldMr. Alexander L. Franklin, II Ms. Amy McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Evan BuckMr. and Mrs. Gregory S. andMASTER ARTIST 2018 Mr. and Mrs. Selden S.Mr. Bradley Burck and Terry Deppner Hardin Dr. and Mrs. Nazem Abraham McNeer, Jr. Dr. Cari BurckMr. C. Donald Hatfield Allied Food Industries, Inc. Mr. William J. Mills andDr. and Mrs. Hoyt J. BurdickMr. and Mrs. Joe Hirt Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Ambrose Mr. Thomas J. Gillooly C. F. Reuschlein Jewelers, Inc.23'