b'ART The Walter Gropius Master Artist Series is funded through GROPIUS the generosity of the Estate of Roxanna Y. Booth, who wished to assist in the development of an art education The Walter Gropius Master Artist Workshop Series takesprogram in accordance with the proposals of Walter the concept of the artist-in-residence and puts it in an intenseGropius, who designed the Museums Gropius Addition, as well as the Gropius Studios. The Museum is indebted three-day time frame to provide individuals the opportunity toto Roxanna Y. Booths son, the late Alex Booth, Jr., for his work under a wide variety of nationally and internationallyparticipation in the concept development of the acclaimed artists while encouraging an awareness of cutting- Gropius Master Artists Workshops.edge art, theories, practices and philosophies. Originating in 1992, the Gropius workshop series is one of the most widely anticipated programs held at HMA each year. It is an illustration of one way in which we invite the community to join us, fashioning a richly rewarding artistic experience. In fiscal years 2017 & 2018, Huntington Museum of Art hosted the following Gropius Master Artists:Brooke Atherton, Textile ArtistPatrick Lee, Photo Realistic Graphite Portrait DrawingsDan Anderson, Industrial Nostalgia Ceramic ArtistJulie Chen, Printmaker/Book ArtistAndy Brayman, Conceptual Ceramic ArtistBarbara Takenaga, Abstract Painter Dan Anderson demonstrates his ceramics technique during his three-day workshop.Textile Artist Brooke Atherton works with students during her workshop at HMA. Barbara Takenagas paintings enrich the language of abstraction by combining aspects of Japanese printmaking and Tantric painting, as well as modernist developments such as Op Art.By the Numbers8 34 6 13PERMANENTTEMPORARY EXHIBITIONSWALTER GROPIUS MASTEREXHIBITS SHOWCASING INSTALLATIONS FROM THECOVERING A WIDEARTIST WORKSHOPS694 REGIONAL ARTISTS HUNTINGTON MUSEUMARRAY OF PERIODSAND ACCOMPANYINGIN ACCORDANCE WITH OF ART COLLECTION AND STYLES EXHIBITIONS HUNTINGTON MUSEUM OF ART S LEGACY OF SUPPORT FOR LOCAL ART 6 AND ARTISTS'